Did you know that it is possible to soften expression lines by toning the facial muscles?

No!! We are not talking about Botox or any invasive aesthetic procedure.

Kesser will tell you about Facial Yoga and the power of this practice in eliminating wrinkles!

Facial Yoga has become a rage all over the world, because the power that its practice has in rejuvenating and toning facial muscles has been proven. Still, there are those who say that it helps to outline the cheeks, jaw and lips, leaving the face looking rested and visibly thinner.

The exercises proposed by facial Yoga promote blood circulation, the elimination of toxins, the drainage of accumulated liquids and, above all, muscle strengthening, bringing a visible improvement in the skin's support and vivacity.

We tell you how wrinkles appear and now we are determined to keep you up to date with Facial Yoga, making your skincare routine even more complete and preventing and combating signs of aging much more efficient.

How it works:

The main objective of practicing Facial Yoga is to firm the face. But you might be wondering, how?

Exercising facial muscles stimulates all layers of the skin, promoting blood circulation, tissue oxygenation and nutrient absorption. Therefore, it is always important to combine practice with your care routine with specific products to soften signs.

In addition to intensifying facial tone, exercise stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, essential components of firm, wrinkle-free skin. Another added benefit is the elimination of toxins and the improvement of the tissue’s ability to absorb water.

The synchronized movements work not only the areas of frequent contraction, but also develop the regions where the muscles are less used, combating flaccidity and promoting the strengthening of the muscles.

Constant practice can eliminate wrinkles, tone the entire face, outline the cheeks, jaw and lips in a short time. This is because the muscles worked are smaller and much more delicate than those in the rest of the body.

How to make

The practice of Facial Yoga consists of repeating some movements and stimulating certain areas. It can be performed focusing on the entire face or segmented to work each area in an individual and specific way.

One of the biggest advantages of this exercise is that it can be practiced at home, without spending a single penny and in just a few minutes.

Our tip is to incorporate it into your care routine, carrying out the movement while the skin is receiving active ingredients and nutrients from products aimed at caring for and preventing signs. We suggest the moment when wrinkle treatment products are applied and before applying sunscreen.

The Secret that only Kesser tells you:

Why choose the moment when the skin receives creams and treatment products?

Because the result of both will be enhanced. Practicing exercises enables better absorption of products, allowing them to reach the deeper layers and be better received and accommodated in the tissues.

Thus, in addition to rejuvenation, Facial Yoga also helps to even out skin tone, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and eliminate as many toxins as possible.

Benefits for the skin:

In addition to fighting wrinkles, exercise is the best way to reduce tension in the face. Daily life and stressful routines cause tension in the muscles and contraction of specific areas. This tense and stressed region is responsible for making us look haggard and more serious, making us appear angry or tired.

Facial Yoga is also a powerful ally in the cell renewal process and its constant practice reaches the cells in the deepest layers of the dermis, activating lymphatic flow.

It also helps combat dark circles: with the correct movements in the area under the eyes, blood circulation is reactivated and little by little the bags and inflammation characteristic of dark circles are eliminated.

One Last Good Reason to Convince You to Practice Once and for All

Facial Yoga exercises directly affect the quality and intensity of our sleep. Do you know why? They cause the body to release serotonin and endorphins, feel-good substances produced by our brain and which are responsible for promoting intense relaxation and deep sleep.

Do you want to practice?

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