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Recognize the signs and learn how to treat them and prevent them from appearing.

Gabi from Kesser.

Do you know how to distinguish the signs of aging on your skin?

Do you have any idea how they arise, what their cause is and the best way to prevent them?

Kesser is determined to clarify all your doubts!

The signs of aging on our skin are mainly distinguished by the factor related to its formation. Identifying them and understanding their cause is the first step towards starting good treatment and the only path to effective prevention.

The Types of Wrinkle

Wrinkles classified as static are those caused by the natural aging of the skin. Its appearance is related to a decrease in the thickness of the skin's layers and elastic structure (loss of collagen and elastin) in addition to a reduction in cell regeneration capacity over time.

In turn, the so-called dynamic wrinkles are those formed by muscular activity . The face, like the rest of the body, has its own muscles linked to the skin, its repeated movement causes contractions that lead to the appearance of expression lines, most common on the forehead, around the eyes and between the eyebrows.

When do wrinkles start to appear?

Typically, the first signs of aging are noticed between the ages of 20 and 30. These are those superficial, thin wrinkles that are most common around the eyes and forehead area. They are classified as static and intensify with exposure to the sun.

As the skin matures, we can see the signs caused by the more frequent movements of our face. Dynamic wrinkles appear between the ages of 30 and 40 and correspond to the famous “Chinese mustaches”, “crow's feet” and “barcodes”, for example.

Time passes and what was once just a mark begins to take on shape and depth. From the age of 40, the signs of genetic aging are accentuated and become more evident when the face is at rest. They often end up looking tired and haggard.

As we age, we begin to realize that the skin also suffers from the impacts caused by gravity. After the age of 50, gravitational wrinkles begin to appear with greater intensity and the influence of gravity on sagging skin causes it to be naturally thinned and pulled downwards. Muscle flaccidity makes it more common around the jaw, chin, neck and in front of the ears.

If you've come this far and are already worried and don't know how to use time to your advantage, don't worry, we'll help you!

How to Prevent Wrinkles from Appearing?

External factors such as the sun, smoking and contact with pollution mainly aggravate and accelerate the appearance of static wrinkles. Treating or preventing them essentially involves sun protection, improving health and eating habits and, of course, the use of those magical products that seal the skin and are capable of replacing the nutrients necessary for its regeneration.

Pay attention to facial expressions:

Now, when we talk about static wrinkles and expression lines, there is no possibility of recommending that you express yourself less or stop showing the emotion of good news, the joy of a smile with your eyes or the courage when necessary.

In any case, there are some expressions that you can avoid, such as wrinkling your face due to the light. In this case, the use of sunglasses is very welcome and the habit of using them when driving and in bright environments should be incorporated.

Furthermore, pressing your face against your hand, leaning on your chin for hours, in the same position, is an addiction that must be eliminated. Obviously, you won’t be able to change this body “expression” from one day to the next. But the simple fact of keeping in mind how damaging it can be to your face will certainly make you more aware.

Skincare Products:

Skincare products play a key role in skin care and preservation. They contribute to tissue regeneration, replenishing necessary nutrients and helping to recover structural elasticity. Treatment and preventive use preserves muscles and minimizes the effects of time on the skin.

Facial Gymnastics:

To treat and combat these marks, the key is to use that miracle product and incorporate easy gym exercises into your routine to strengthen muscles and combat sagging. A little massage, given by yourself after that difficult day, is also an excellent option to soften your face and relax contracted muscles.

We believe that the skin is a reflection of the soul and that our signs tell our story.

More than that, understanding the process is the beginning of a treatment and prevention process. Immobilizing the facial muscle and stopping using it does not strengthen it, nor does it provide the nutrients for it to restructure and remain invigorated over the years.

The Sense of Skin Care:

We want you to stay up to date with how skin aging happens so that you can love and care for yourself during this period in a light, happy and fun way. There are things that improve with time, believe me: you are one of them!

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